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Christmas Photo Event


The Christmas Photo Event is an event for all photographers who would like to enrich their portfolio and develop their skills.

On this evening we will give you a studio with lighting equipment, so that you can work in really comfortable conditions. Christmas-New Year-Santa Claus theme. There will be Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Unique, thematic stylizations will provide us with: Bandurska design and Feema Wroclaw. So it will be what to choose. They will model beautiful models.

In order for the event not to be the work itself, but also for a pleasant social gathering, we will provide you with drinks and snacks. So you will be able to breathe and just talk.

The event is scheduled for 09.12.2016 (Friday).

Visage and styling from. 18.00, and starting at 20.00. To about 2.00.

In total, you will be able to try, test and photograph for 6 hours.

We invite photographers who would like to work with other professionals, exchange knowledge with them and meet interesting people. The Santa Claus event is a time to refine your skills and to familiarize yourself with the working conditions in our studio. If you have ideas for photos, we encourage you to bring your own props. Own creative invention is welcome. We want you to work comfortably, so we have limited space for photographers: 7-8 people.

For this purpose, please contact us at 📞 500 877 057 or via facebook.


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