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Studio fotograficzne Wrocław
Studio fotografii
Studio foto

Photography Studio Wroclaw

The BIG studio is the first photo studio in Poland with original interiors!

It has 250 m2 of unique area for the implementation of your creative ideas!

We offer our customers something new!

Photo sessions in the photo studio are for everyone!

There can be families and children photo sessions, commercial sessions and wedding sessions – there are interiors and props for everyone in our rooms! However, we do not limit ourselves to studio sessions - our photographers from Wroclaw will take pictures in any place of your choice, for example, we offer outdoor sessions.

A photographer in Wrocław

The BIG photo studio in Wroclaw is equipped with modern equipment and provides photographers with comfortable working conditions, which translates into the effects of photo sessions, castings and workshops. Every photographer in the BIG Studio has props for children and adults to make different visions. Our photo studio in Wroclaw is a place, where you can freely create lighting conditions. We owe not only to professional equipment, but also to the large area of our studio and a number of large windows in the photo rooms.

A good photographer does not work alone

Our team consists of not only photographers, but also other specialists: hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists, who will take care of unique make-up. You can be also accompanied by models and assistants during photo session in our photo studio in Wrocław.

We are open to the ideas and suggestions of our customers. We will make every vision!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of BIG photo studio in Wroclaw.

Fotograf Wrocław
Fotograf Wrocław
Fotograf Wrocław
Fotograf Wrocław
Fotograf Wrocław

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Spring sceneries in our studio


Spring is already in our studio!

In each room you will find several sceneries that will inspire you both during children's and family sessions, as well as women's and pregnancy...


Workshops Painting with Light


We cordially invite you to the edition of the photo workshop 'Painted by Light', where you will discover the ambiguity of photography. Grzegorz Malinowski will show how to create his own art and...


Arrangements for Christmas sessions


Christmas arrangements are already ready and available in our photo studio until January 5, 2019.

In both BIG studio rooms, there were charming Christmas trees, presents...


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