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About us

Welcome to the BIG studio! It is the first arranged photo studio in Poland!

The BIG studio - is a unique photo studio due to the interiors arranged in our rooms, which will work in any type of photos. The interiors of our rooms are the realization of the vision and requirements of modern photographers. We have everything you need for a successful photo session!


  • The overall surface of studio is 250 m2;
  • 2 photo rooms of 85m2 each;
  • A height up to 4 m;
  • Spacious windows 280x280 in each room;
  • The deviation of the fotosphere 6-14 m;
  • Professional equipment and original props in each room.


  • The reservation of the room is possible via website or telephone;
  • Visage room;
  • Music player - you can listen to your favorite music during the session;
  • Cozy resting area with hot and cold beverages, small kitchen;
  • Free WiFi for everyone;
  • Free, quick training of the equipment before the photo session for beginners;
  • Attractive location of the studio- convenient access from every part of the city;li>
  • The specialists tab on our page presents portfolios of professionals in the field of hairdressing, makeup and modeling enabling a fast selection of people ready to cooperate.



  • You can also experience the unique atmosphere of a beautiful tenement in the center of Wroclaw. In each room there are high ceilings and a series of large windows, which makes it possible to take photos in daylight.
  • All the requirements necessary to create professional photographs are taken into account when designing the interiors in the rooms. We can say that practically all the furniture, props, which are in the room are adjustable, so you can create your own interior in line with you vision.
  • Each room has a set of professional equipment. At your disposal are: studio lights, softboxes, octoboxy, blends and all the other equipment needed to create high quality photos. There is also the props room with unique accessories for children and adults, which was created for the realization of various visions and images.


  • We offer regular workshops for those, who are interested in working with studio equipment.
  • We offer the various workshops for beginners as well as for more experienced photographers.

We are always open to all guests! You can come to us to watch our studios or just ask "What's going on?". We cordially invite you!

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