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Christmas Session - unforgettable moments retained forever

Holidays are a special time, because tradition says that it is in those days that the whole family meets and enjoys their presence. Keeping these magical moments long is possible thanks to the pictures. Today everyone can take pictures using a cell phone or a camera, but sometimes it forgets to get out in time or it is difficult to capture in...


Sesja kobieca

Women's session - types in female photography

It may seem that sensual photo sessions are reserved exclusively for professional models. Nothing is more wrong, every woman can hire a professional photographer. Greatly crafted and photographed images can be a great gift for your husband or your fiance. Such gifts are becoming very popular. Above all, the photographer is able to capture and...


Jak przygotować się do sesji zdjęciowej

How to prepare for a photo session?

Photo sessions, professional and also amateur, lately are becoming increasingly popular when we want to be popular in Social Media or just have a wonderful souvenir for years. This seems to be an easy matter, but preparing for such a session is not always one of the simplest, so it is worthwhile to gather in one place what to...



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