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How to prepare for a photo session?


Photo sessions, professional and also amateur, lately are becoming increasingly popular when we want to be popular in Social Media or just have a wonderful souvenir for years. This seems to be an easy matter, but preparing for such a session is not always one of the simplest, so it is worthwhile to gather in one place what to keep in mind and what to do while preparing for each photo session. Let's start!

General advices

At the very beginning we have to think about what our photo session is to be and what we expect from it. Good idea for the session is half the success. We also need to take care of the good choice of the photographer, if we decide on a session, it is above all to think about cooperation with a professional. It is important to consider this choice, first and foremost, to look at the portfolio of photographers. It is important to get this effect that will satisfy both you and the photographer. Both sides must feel good while taking pictures. Also remember that you can confidently ask questions to the photographer, waiting for his suggestions and hints. An experienced person knows a great deal about the session and is able to offer really interesting solutions.

How to prepare for photo session?

It is said that nowadays, you can actually improve everything with Photoshop. This is a misconception that we should not suggest. Before the session everyone should take care of good looks.

So let's start with the look. Make-up should be done before the session, using professional make-up services. We really want to make the photo shoot as good as possible. Of course, minimal Photoshop fixes will always be there, but the less processing, the better - especially if we care about the natural look. In the next place, even detail. Hair follicles, unevenly painted nails, or dirty soles of shoes - such details can be seen in the photos. Just a few days before the session, make sure you clean your face, prepare your nails, or make a haircut. You do not have to look like the cover of a magazine, but the neat and refined look will be much better presented.

Another element is the attire for the session. This is a very important element and here there is not really one perfect advice, because otherwise you have to prepare for outdoor sessions, otherwise for the birth of the baby, and yet another for the boudoir session. It is important, however, to dress neatly and comfortably, preferably in colors that match your beauty. Avoid clothes with prints that distract attention from your face. Very tight dresses do not work slimming - on the contrary, better to take care of well-fitted, but not so tight stuff. If you are taking pictures with a partner, it is a good idea to choose your outfits to match your style. You really have all the freedom, but make sure all the accessories fit together.

Sessions with children

The photo session for the baby is a unique experience and a lifetime memorial. As for preparation, there are a few extra things to mention here as well. Such a photo session is undoubtedly a very joyful and interesting thing to accomplish, but also much more difficult. First and foremost, make sure your child feels comfortable during the session. Schedule a session for the time when your child is most active, then it will not be sleepy or strenuous. Children's photography is mostly improvised, children are not set to strength, so natural and comfortable movements of the youngest are most appropriate. In addition, it is important to ensure that the child is not bored with accessories that will accompany them throughout the session. Favorite toy, interesting dress, or big granny's hat - it's all about the kids and it's an interesting element of the photos. Be creative and have fun with your children on such a unique event - then the effects of the photo shoot will be the best.

Idea for a session and place for it

The idea of ​​a photo session is the most important thing, especially if we are dealing with wedding, Love Story or pregnancy sessions. These are special occasions and they need unique ideas and scenery. If an outdoor session is planned, we must also choose a good place to match the climate. One of the better solutions is secluded places, various parks, lakes or palaces, agritourism farms and other places that we can specifically for their needs to rent. Avoid crowded, noisy places. The choice of place should also consult the photographer, he will best judge whether the photo session in the indicated location is a good idea. Outside the open air there is also the possibility to make a photo shoot in a photo studio.

This is especially true in the case of inadequate weather (eg rain, low or very high temperatures), inappropriate for the season session, type of session (boudoir or neeborn), where there is no chance of posing comfort or session specificity- To carry it elsewhere.

An important and even very important element of the whole idea are the accessories that will accompany the photo shoot. All the elements that we use must fit together and create together the atmosphere that we are about. Let's choose costumes suitable for the occasion and also the matching scenery - then the photo session will bring us the expected results.

If the planned session, then the children's photo session of course should also ensure that the site selected for the youngest safe and the child also feel free in it.

Best time to session?

This is a very common question, especially when it comes to wedding photo shoots, pregnancy sessions, with child or even boudoir sessions. There is also no clear answer here. In the pregnancy sessions, the tummy is beautifully visible in the third trimester of pregnancy. The newborn session is recommended during the first two weeks of a child's life. Wedding photo shoots are best done after the wedding, even for a few days after. Then the emotions fall away and thanks to this young couple can achieve the effect that he dreams without unnecessary stress. Popular photo sessions for bride and groom couples before the wedding, it is best to do even a few months before it is not too much to do before the most important day.

Other sessions are actually completely individual issues. Child photography go best if the child is healthy and in good spirits. In turn, the boudoir sessions, which are intended to be a gift to a partner, are best done when the woman feels the best mentally and physically. These are very intimate sessions and should be properly prepared for them. It is best to schedule a photo session individually with your selected photographer and discuss with him or her all pros and cons. The best time is the one where you feel perfect.

By following all these tips, a photo session will surely bring you the expected results and you will enjoy the eye for years to come. And to make it so, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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