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Albert Finch - The power of emotions - Workshops


We invite you to the workshop of sensual and filming photography with Albert Finch. The subtleties, delicacy, and extraction and emphasis of the model's emotions are characteristic elements of Alberta's pictures. During the two-day workshop you will learn how to work with a model and how to achieve eye-catching, magnetic cadre.

Due to the comfort of the participants the group will be very intimate (up to 10 people), so that everyone can work freely with the models. This will allow you to maximize your theoretical and practical knowledge. Access to the entire studio will provide you with many styling possibilities, so you have the opportunity to make many great pictures.

Workshop program:

Saturday 1st day:

10:00 am. - Start the workshop, get acquainted with the participants. A brief overview of the basics of working with an act model - what to avoid, how to extract the emotions and sensuality of a photographed woman.

11:00 am. - 3:00 pm. Group photo sessions as well as individual work with model under the Alberts watchful eye. 

3.00 pm. - Lunch break

3:40 pm. - 6:00 pm. - Continuation of the shooting in the atmospheric interiors of the studio.

6.00 pm. - 7:00 pm. -Discussion of the first day of classes, analysis of participants' work.

Sunday 2nd dzień :

10:00 am. - 3:00 pm. -  Start the next day of the workshop: Tasks for all participants - Individual work with the model.

3:00 - Dinner

3:40 pm. - 5:00 pm - Further sequences of photoshoots

5:00 pm. - 6:00 pm. - Summary and farewell of the participants

Date: 19-20.07.2017 r.

Cost: 899 PLN

Place: Wroclaw , Big Studio ul. Ruska 47/48a (2nd floor)

Number of participants: max 10 people

The participant should take with him: a camera with a portrait lens

The price includes: tutor's care, access to two study rooms - Loft and Dream, 3 Models, makeup, 2 dinners, refreshments, drinks

Albert Finch
Albert Finch
Albert Finch
Albert Finch
Albert Finch
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