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Photo Workshop - Portrait, Sensual


This is another workshop of portrait and sensual photography. Under his watchful eye you will have the opportunity to create unique cadre. Krystian will teach you what to look out for, so that the photo does not just appeal to you and it has "something" in it. You will learn how to use the available surface and how to photograph in daylight to create a sensual, feminine photograph. See how to build your staff and how to enhance your feminine beauty. In addition, Krystian will tell how he works with the model to get the desired effect on his pictures.

Workshops are an opportunity to build your own portfolios and to answer your questions.

During the post-production part, he will share with you his secrets and ideas, will show tricks he uses. This makes it a pleasure to work with your photos.

Workshops are designed for both more experienced and beginners with photography.

Krystian's portfolio can be admired here: https://www.facebook.com/krystiantokarfotograf/

As always, they will be posing great models, and perfect makeup will be provided by professional make-up artist.

Number of participants: 10 people.

Workshop duration: 10 hours clock.

Saturday 10.00-20.00

Place: BIG Studio Wrocław ul. Ruska 47 / 48a

Cost of the workshop 500, - PLN

On the records you contact Krystian.

Warsztaty Krystian Tokar
Warsztaty Krystian Tokar
Warsztaty Krystian Tokar
Warsztaty Krystian Tokar
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