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Workshops with Magdalena Berny


We invite you to another workshop of children's photography with Magdalena Berny. This time there will also be a boy among the models. You will learn how to properly plan a session and choose styling not just for girls. Magdalena Berny will show you how to work with light to get her fairytale effect. During the practical part of the photo you will be doing the same with the light, and also with the continuous studio lighting. The host has designed several stylizations for each model, so in combination with studio arrangements you will get really many excellent frames. In addition, you will learn how to reproduce similar conditions at home. Thanks to the post-production section, you will learn the secrets of the Magda machining. This will help you learn how to get subtle and delicate portraits that will delight everyone.


8.45am - 9.00am - Welcome to the participants, organizational matters


9.00am-10.30am - introduction, presentation of the lead portfolio, the story of where to look for inspiration, places, how to choose colors and stylizations for beauty model, how to work with children, how to take studio photos without studio


11.00am-2.30 pm - shooting in the studio (each participant will have the opportunity to work individually with the model, of course with lead support, in this set we plan at least three different stylizations). We will be shooting in two differently arranged spaces. One set of photos, if we add the weather, we will perform outdoors, using the amazing environment of BIG studio.

2.30pm-3.30pm - lunch

3.30pm-5.30pm - shooting with studio light


5.30pm-7.00pm - On the example of 2-3 pictures taken before, the leader will show his machining style (Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop will be used); Each workshop participant will receive a set of presets for Lightroom.


• Full-day photo workshop in the studio

• three photo sessions (more than five hours of shooting under the lead)

• models (girl and boy)

• A group of no more than 8 people

• Original set of presets for Lightrooma

• Lunch, drinks, cake

• support after workshop


Own camera (best portrait lens) Ability to handle your equipment

Date: 30.09.2017 r.

Place: BIG Studio - Wrocław ul. Ruska 47/48a (2nd floor)

Price: 950 PLN (price includes VAT)

Reservation is subject to an advance payment of 50% of the price, which determines the order of payments. Cancellations may take place no later than one week before the planned date of the workshops, provided they find (by the Participant or organizers) persons to be redeemed. The remaining amount should be paid no later than two weeks before the workshop deadline.PFor details about transfer and availability of places, please email to: warsztaty.berny@gmail.com

In case of not collecting the minimum number of participants (6 persons), the organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop.

Warsztaty Magdalena Berny
Warsztaty Magdalena Berny
Warsztaty Magdalena Berny
Warsztaty Magdalena Berny
Warsztaty Magdalena Berny
Warsztaty Magdalena Berny
Warsztaty Magdalena Berny
Warsztaty Magdalena Berny
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