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Photography Workshop - Grzegorz Malinowski


Photo workshop with Grzegorz Malinowski is the maximum of knowledge and time devoted to practice. To create a successful portrait, you need a well-tuned duo which is the model and the photographer. Grzegorz will explain to you how important it is to have a good relationship with a model and how to establish it in order to achieve success together. Commitment and emotions are elements that, combined with the right light, help you create real art.



- 3 beautiful models

- 6 photo sets

- 8 hours of practical classes

- 3-person groups


During the workshops you will learn how to prepare for the session, starting with choosing a place, preparing the equipment, and ending with styling. Grzegorz will explain how to tame the light, how to use modifiers and other tools in the studio to get unique portraits. You will find out what makes the photo attractive and how interesting to build the staff. You will know the whole process of creating photos: from session planning to post-production. In addition, Grzegorz will tell you which publications he should use.

For the workshops to be extremely comfortable, small groups will be organized - only for three people. Thanks to this, each participant will have the opportunity to work individually with a model, make-up artist and stylist. Groups operate on the principle of one model for one participant, the others are assistants. Three sets of photos lasting 1.5 hours are planned, so everyone will have three own photo sessions. Each participant, in accordance with the signed contract, will be able to publish the pictures in his own portfolio for non-commercial purposes.



Quadralite (presentation of lamps and modifiers)

Quadralite (previously Quantuum) offers both professionals and photography enthusiasts solutions in the field of studio and outdoor lighting. The products in their offer combine high quality and reasonable price. In addition to flashlamps, Quadralite also offers a wide range of modifiers that allow you to model light extremely easily and effectively. The equipment can be used not only in a large, professional photographic studio, but also ideally suited for those who start working in the studio. Special and handy lighting sets have just appeared for beginners in the Quadralite offer.


A brand well-known to every photographer. The representative, Piotr Krupiński, will present the offer and present new products. You will be able to see Photo albums, Photobooks printed on the highest quality Canon DreamLabo and HP Indigo machines. For each participant a catalog with products offered by the company and a special discount.


Date: 19.07.2018.

Time: 10.00-18.00

Cost: 690 PLN

Place: Big Studio - Wroclaw, ul. Ruska 47 / 48a (floor ll)

Number of participants: 9 people

The price includes catering, drinks and a warm meal. Booking deposit 350 PLN, we issue FV.

Questions regarding the details of the transfer and availability of places should be sent to the email address: photo@exclusive.pl.

Contact: Grzegorz Malinowski tel: 531 171 939

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