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Christmas Photo Event 2017


Because of your years of opinion about the priority events that we organized this year.

Rules unchanged:

- The whole studio at your disposal in the chair. 18.00-24.00 Both rooms, all arrangements, extras and props will be available to you. Naturally, the theme is Santa Claus, but you can also plan non-Christmas staff in neutral parts of the studio.

- Posing for you will be professional models, so you can enlarge your portfolio with excellent photos. In order to maintain the atmosphere, the girls will be provided with festive styling and a perfect image will be taken by experienced makeup artists.

- It is nice to spend time with you, we will provide snacks and drinks, and champagne will raise a common toast for the end of the year and future successes.

- Because we want you to be comfortable, the number of participants is limited. The order of confirmed reservations is determined by the places.

So if you are passionate about photography and want to spend a nice evening in good company, work with other professionals, meet interesting people and make new contacts and exchange your knowledge with others then this is the perfect event for you.

For reservations, please contact us at 500 877 057.

Date: 08.12.2017 r.

Duration: 18.00-24.00

Mikołajkowy event fotograficzny
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