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Sebastian Preus and woman portrait - Workshop


We invite you to a workshop devoted to women's portrait and photo processing.

The host is Sebastian Preus known for his gorgeous, emotional portraits. His photographs stand out, worked out over the years and characteristic, processed with beautiful colors and light.

Sebastian's work can be viewed here.

Workshops last two days.

On the first day will discuss the basics of studio photography. Sebastian will tell you about the types of light (flash and light) and the types of modifiers and their uses. At your disposal throughout the day will be a stylish LOFT room. In addition, you will learn how to set up your own home studio for portrait photography at low cost. Then it is planned to go out into the open air. There you will discuss how to plan photos under the conditions. Sebastian will teach you what to look out for to make your team interesting.

You will see how you can use the light and shadows to give a picture of depth. You will be accompanied by two beautiful models Karolina and Darja, and the whole is planned so that everyone can make the most of the time to practice as well as discuss the progress with the leader. Under his eye, he teaches you to build exceptional frames and he will correct your mistakes.

The second day will be devoted entirely to post-production. From the very basics, that is RAW / NEF calls to get the finished picture. Sebastian will present you proven ways to make your work easier, among others will present tools to use. You will also find ways to change the color of your photo so that it has a unique atmosphere. In order to save time during image processing you will learn how to create and save actions in Photoshop and presets in the Ligtroom. At the end, Sebastian will show you the High end machining and the rules to keep in mind.

Date : 07-08.10.2017

Cost : 700PLN

Place : Wrocław, Big Studio ul. Ruska 47 / 48a (ll floor)

Number of participants: 8-12 persons

7.10 hours 9-18. Photography - take a camera with a portrait lens this day.

8.10 hours 9-16. On this day, bring a computer with Photoshop + Lightroom installed (you can download demo version). All additional plugins will be available in demo version. The price includes two days of workshops, daytime meals and snacks.

Records and information: Paweł Marcinkowski


+48 575785699

Sebastian Preus
Sebastian Preus
Sebastian Preus
Sebastian Preus
Sebastian Preus
Sebastian Preus
Sebastian Preus
Sebastian Preus
Sebastian Preus
Sebastian Preus
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