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Sensual Photography Workshops


Enjoy a two-day "sensual photography workshops", which will be held on two dates 21-22.01.2017 and 28-29.01. 2017.

In our apartment interiors in Salo LOFT you will have the pleasure to photograph beautiful models.

The theme of the workshop will mainly use of light and Radek will show you:

- How to use the lamps in small spaces;

- How to avoid flat images;

- How to give spaciousness photographs using chiaroscuro;

- You talk also about the eternal problem of the second plan, which is about what happens behind the model;

- And how to naturally mix with ambient light with flash.

The workshops are divided into two stages: On the first day you will meet on the theoretical part, which is often used omówicie sets (set of lamps) for professional photographers:

• Rembrandts lighting 

• lighting beauty of the Contra

• and a very contrasting and dynamic lighting three lamps used in working with models.

On the next day, all these settings you can already use in practice in our studio. In addition, you will learn from our studio and working conditions with us.

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