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The Christmas photo sessions 2017


The Christmas arrangements are now available and will remain in the studio until 04 January 2018.Pięknie ozdobione choinki, migoczące światełka, prezenty oraz wiele innych świątecznych rekwizytów czekają na Waszą wizytę.

In each room you will find several thematic zones, which will give you more diverse pictures.

In the DREAM room, the theme of the Christmas decoration is white and gold, and we have arranged an unusual winter zone ideal for children.

In the LOFT room, we put on warm colors in harmony with the wooden fireplace and brick wall, in the next photo gallery we placed an original Christmas tree with decorations in frosty silver and blue colors.

Our Christmas arrangements will work even with a large family, and authentic decorations will make the photos, unlike those made on a photographic background, will be very natural.

If you have questions about the Christmas session, you are welcome to read our article - Christmas Session - Unforgettable Moments.

Reservations for Christmas sessions can be made at phone 500 877 057.

And for all photographers who would like to take the studio for themselves, their loved ones or clients, we encourage you to book LOFT and DREAM online.

loft świąteczny 2017
Dream świąteczny 2017
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