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"Studio minimum" Workshop


Welcome to the training devoted to the study of photographs of family and children. The aim of the training is to help photographers, who have never worked in the studio.

 You learn the basic principles of working with families and children in a photo studio and familiar with the studio equipment. Everyone will be able to work with small models with available light and the studio equipment, so you can complement your portfolio studio photographs.

Below a short description of the training program:

1. Brief presentation of our studio.

2. Photographic equipment for photos in the studio (we'll talk about cameras and lenses, and the other equipment that is useful at work in the studio).

3. Basic principles of studio photography and fundamental problems novice when working with studio equipment.

4. Working in the studio with families and children (how to prepare for a session in the studio and properties in the studio with small children).

5. Working in the studio with available light (all on camera and the basic principles of working with daylight in the studio) + practice on small models.

6. Work with studio light (familiar with the studio equipment, you will learn how to work with him, at which camera settings etc.) + practice on small models.

7. Questions and Answers.

The program also coffee break and a gift for each participant - the time of renting our studio shop.



At the workshop, please bring the camera. It is necessary basic knowledge to use the camera (shutter speed, aperture, ISO and their interaction).


Date: 28.10.2016r.

Time: 15.00 - 18.00.

Models: 8 and 10 children years.

Number of participants: 10-15 people.

The cost of participation in training: 50 zł per person.

Registration and information: t. 500-877-057

Place: BIG studio Wroclaw, ul.Ruska 47 / 48a (2nd floor).

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