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Workshop with Aleksandra Salamon


Aleksandra Salamon - young photographer, artist - passionate, who deals with photography everyday. He conducts classes in studio photography, portrait and act.

During the two-day photo workshop, Aleksandra will share with you his own techniques - the style of light used and the image processing.

The instructor will give you instructions, share your knowledge and answer your questions. He will show how he builds the staff, works with the model and how to present the woman to enhance her beauty in the portrait, and how to express the beauty of the female body through sensuality and subtlety. It will help you to understand and exploit the potential of the existing light. You will learn how to show emotions in a portraiture that will make the photo unique and stand out among others. In addition, he will present his own retouching techniques, which he employs in his work - quickly and effectively and professionally and accurately. You will learn how to get a great effect in a matter of minutes and why it is sometimes worth spending more time on post-production.

Workshops are a unique opportunity to create amazing photos under the guidance of the lead.

Workshops last two days.

The first day is for photos, while the second is to retouch photos taken the previous day. Besides working in a group, you will focus on individual work. Two phenomenal and experienced models will be provided. Workshops are for both more experienced people and beginners with photography.

During the course:

I DAY - You talk about how to build your staff, how to work with an experienced model, and how to be a beginner or not experienced at all. How to set models, what to pay attention to the portraiture, and what for a wider frame and many other curiosities. - You will learn how to use the potential of daylight and constant.

II DAY - You will see how to analyze the picture, how to choose the best shot, and also learn the post-production techniques that Alexander uses in his work.

Date: 1-2 April 2017 (2x 8h)

Duration: 10-18

Place: BIG studio Wroclaw, ul.Ruska 47 / 48a (2nd floor)

Capacity: 10

Entries and any questions: by Aleksander Salamon photographs fanpage

Confirmation and a guarantee of the place of the workshop is a reservation and a payment in the form of a deposit.

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