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Workshop with Barbara Pietrzak


Anyone who is interested in newborn photography knows how difficult art is, which requires a lot of heart and patience. Therefore, to meet your expectations, we are pleased to invite you to the Newborn Photo Workshop. The instructor is a wonderful Barbara Pietrzak, which will share with you the secrets of your work.

For whom?

• If you are interested in the difficult art of taking pictures of puppies or you are going to do it professionally.

• If you want to learn proven safe ways to photograph a newborn.

• If you want to know the secrets of newborn photography.

• If you want to refine your workshop to get the beautiful effects that will attract customers.

• If you want to exchange comments and experiences with other participants.

• If you want to ask questions and dispel your doubts.

During the workshop you will discuss the best ways to prepare for a session (background, colors, props, equipment) and what should be included in your offer to attract customers. You will learn how to put / dress and position the baby on bean bag and in the basket / props. In addition, we will show you how to take a picture on the palm and shared with parents. We will tell you how to effectively change the background / blanket so that the session lasts no more than 3 hours, and how to deal with difficult situations. The tutor will give you the best methods for calming and sleeping the babies and how to properly take care of their safety while shooting. During the practical part you will improve your workshop by taking pictures of newborns under the care of the leader. At the end, Basia will show you the step-by-step image processing in PS and will give you special attention and what to avoid.

Requirements: For workshops please bring with you a camera with a bright lens, ie 50 mm, optional 85mm and 100mm. Due to the comfort of your work, the number of places is limited. The order of deposits is determined by the entries.

Date: 04.03.2017

Duration: 10-18

Place: BIGstudio, ul. Ruska 47 / 48a lok2a, 50-079 Wrocław


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