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Corporate photography

This is a business card of the company, because business images create such an important first impression of your business and its team. That is why corporate photography is a very important element in building a positive image of your company. Business photography is not only the business portraits of the employees, but also business photography presents the life of the company "from the interior" - office photos, working processes, photos of the production process and reports from various official events of the company- conferences, integration events.

Commercial sessions

Commercial sessions - these are individual business photos of business owners, business leaders, and managers. Commercial sessions are also useful when looking for a job as a CV photo. Commercial sessions inspire positive emotions and trust the person on the business photo. Commercial photos can vary from a formal business portrait to a more creative one.

Business photography - how we work

Depending on your needs, business sessions and commercial sessions are performed in our studio in Wroclaw, at your company premises or in another fixed location.

As an option, we offer a makeup artist and stylist who will take care of the image of the people, who are photographing during the session - from makeup and hairstyles to choosing clothes.


* Additional retouch or correction of the silhouette, skin, etc. according to individual instructions - from 30 PLN for 1 photo.

** You cannot enter the room without changing shoes and outerwear.


  • Individual commercial / business portrait in our studio lasting 30 min-1 hour;
  • The room and background to choose from;
  • 3 business photos (selected by you) with retouch, prepared to developed in a fixed format;
  • All photos from the session are available for view and to choose from for retouch and additional photos;
  • Smaller versions of photos for publication or to send by an e-mail;
  • The waiting time - about 2 weeks.

PRICE: 290 PLN (additional photo - 30 PLN)

ADDITIONAL: Make up and hairstyle from 230 PLN, Stylist from 100-120 PLN (payment only in cash).

Business portraits / commercial portraits of employees:

  • About 10 minutes of portrait session in our studios for 1 employee;
  • 1 retouched photo per person.

PRICE: 3-7 person 60 PLN / 1 person; above 7 person - prices are determined indyvidually.


  1. The reservation of a date for the session should be make not later than 14 days after a convenient date. The reservations can be made by phone, email or directly in our studio in Wroclaw.
  2. You should pay 30% of a deposit during the reservation and the remaining part is payable on the day of the session. You can pay in cash in our studio or by transfer to our company account.
  3. Time added to the package +150 PLN / hour.
  4. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO RECEIVE UNPROCESSED PHOTOS, you can buy additional photos to the package.

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