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A gift thanks to which you will give memories

Unique occasions require special gifts from us. When we are looking for a gift for a special occasion, we want to choose something that will remain in the memory for a longer time and bring positive emotions to it. One possibility is to invite for a photo session. A future mother, the newborn's parents, and every sentimental person will be pleased with this kind of gift. The photo session as a gift will capture the most beautiful amoments of our life. Why is the photo session a special gift? The photos will be a beautiful souvenir inspiring emotions and memories full of joy.

We can give the invitation to a photo session our loved ones on many occasions - baptism, christening, first communion, eighteenth birthday, or wedding are some of the many occasions where the gift session will meet the nice response of the recipient. If we are thinking about the original form of a gift, we should choose a voucher and propose our loved ones photos taken by a professional photographer. The photo session for a gift is a special way to capture special moments.

Any package for a photo session offered in our photo studio can be purchased as a photo session invitation.

The price list for the Invitation will match the price list in the offers + 25 PLN.

OPTIONAL: make up and hairstyle from 250 PLN, stylist 120-100 PLN per stylization.


  1. The invitation is valid 6 months.
  2. Delivery of the invitation is up to 2 business days and only after 100% prepaid. In addition, the cost of the invitation should include a delivery cost of 15 PLN.
  3. Money for unused invitations or unused photo sessions included in the invitation are not refunded.
  4. Suspension, resumption or renewal of the invitations costs addidtional 200 PLN.
  5. The reservation of the session should be make not later than 14 days after the convenient date. Reservations can be made by phone, email or directly in our studio.

Call us on t. +48 500 877 057

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