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The photo studio is available for rental in Wrocław


We offer the rental of the photo studio in Wroclaw. At the time of the photo sessions, we have two spacious rooms of 85 m2 each in different arrangements. The large area of the rooms, the lack of columns, the possibility of taking photos in the ambient light thanks to a series of large windows allows to develop the vision of each photographer. Each studios, which are prepared for rental in Wroclaw are equipped with professional photographic equipment, which is useful during every photo session. In addition we offer flashlights, light modifiers and props to make a variety of visions. The well-equipped studio for rental is the basis of every session. Photographers who do not need to maintain their own studio because of the narrow range of activities, we provide its availability. The photo studio for rental creates excellent working conditions. It is located in a separate part of the studio, providing excellent and free conditions for various sessions.

We provide attractive rental rates!

Apart from the rental of the photo studio in Wroclaw, we also offer a professional photo session, which is carried out by our own photographers in Wroclaw. This offer includes, among other things, family photo session, baby session, and pregnancy session. The BIG studio also offers the purchase of photo session as a gift, annual subscription, as well as elegant photo books, which are a great souvenir for years.

Price list: rental of the photo studio

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